H_Tue, Dec 7 - Session 4 - Intraoperative Visualization & the Connectome Conference

Session 4: Connectomics (Oral Abstracts) and Closing Remarks

Aired on: December 7, 2021 (5:30pm – 6:00pm EST)

CNTM-05: Left hemisphere gliomas induce a plastic bi-hemispheric language network further characterized by lobe specific glioma data
  • Matthew Ramsey

    CNTM-04: Alterations in structural connectomic properties associated with neurocognitive changes following glioma resection
  • Kyle Noll

    CNTM-02: Regulation of glioma-network integration by tumor mediated secretion of TSP-1
  • Mikias Negussie

    CNTM-03: Functional connectivity networks in patients with brain tumors and vascular lesions in the occipital cortex
  • Katharina Rosengarth

    IOTG-01: Computational Neurosurgery in Brain Tumors: A paradigm shift on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Connectomics in pre- and intra-operative imaging
  • Antonio Di Ieva

    TWMP-02: Supplementary motor area syndrome in glioma surgery - towards a classification system based on clinical and imaging data
  • Mehmet Salih Tuncer

    Closing Remarks
  • Steven Brem
  • Duration: 35:19

    Posted: Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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