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Surgical resection of symptomatic brain metastasis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer irrespective from lesion count

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Stephanie T. Jünger, David Reinecke, Anna-Katharina Meißner, Roland Goldbrunner, Stefan Grau

Centre for Neurosurgery, Department of General Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany, Cologne, Germany

Background and Purpose: Current guidelines primarily suggest the resection in case of a limited number of brain metastases (BM). With an increasing number of local and systemic treatment options this approach needs reconsideration. Therefore, we aimed to evaluate the role of metastectomy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated in a comprehensive setting disregarding lesion count.

Patients and Methods: In this monocentric retrospective analysis, patients receiving surgery for 1-3 BM with available demographic, clinical, and tumor-associated parameters were included. Prognostic factors for local control (LC) and overall survival (OS) were analyzed by Log rank test and Cox proportional hazards.

Results: Two-hundred-sixteen patients were included: 129 (59.7%) with single/solitary, 64 (29.6%) with 2-3, and 23 (10.6%) with more than three BM. Resection of the symptomatic BM(s) improved the patients’ Karnofsky performance index (KPI) significantly (p<0.001), enabling adjuvant radiotherapy in 199 (92.1%) and systemic treatment in 119 (55.1%) patients.
After a mean radiological follow-up of eight (1-79) months, LC was observed in 83 (38.4%) patients and was not significantly influenced by BM count (p=0.064). After a mean OS after surgery of 12.7 (0-88) months, 120 (55.6%) patients had died.
In univariate analysis, BM count showed no impact on OS (p=0.844), while age ≥/< 65 years (p=0.007), pre- and postoperative KPI ≥70 (p=0.002 and p=0.005, respectively), extra-cranial metastases (p=0.004), adjuvant radiation therapy (p<0.001), and adjuvant systemic treatment (p<0.001) did. In regression analysis the presence of extra-cranial metastases (HR 2.30 95%CI 1.53-3.48; p<0.001), adjuvant radiation therapy (HR 0.97 95%CI 0.23-0.86; p=0.016), and adjuvant systemic treatment (HR 0.37 95%CI 0.25-0.55; p<0.001) remained independent factors for survival.

Conclusions: The indication for resection of symptomatic BM in patients with NSCLC is justified even in case of multiple lesions to alleviate their neurological symptoms and to enable further treatment.

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Posted: Monday, August 9, 2021

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